Referral Bonus & Discount Program for Training Courses (CSM, CSPO, CSD)

$100 per referral!

The idea is simple. We appreciate any & all referrals to our courses, from past attendees. We want to provide tangible thanks in a way that everybody wins.

We give $100 to the past attendee who's referring someone, and give a $100 discount to the person signing up for a course. When they sign up, you both win.

Here's how:

The person being referred sends us an email to Put "Referral" in the subject, and the name & email address of the person who referred you in the body or subject of the email. (So we can sort out how to pay their referral fee. PayPal, check, etc.) Tell us which course & date you want to attend, and we'll sent you a discount code for it. Really any kind of email that connects the referee, referrer, and a course will be fine.

This applies to the following courses at least: CSM, CSPO, CSD

We don't anticipate any reason to limit the number of referral fees, unless there is some odd scenario we're not anticipating. As long as it's all above board, we'd welcome many many referrals. That way we can spend more time training, coaching, and developing, and not marketing. But just in case, we reserve the right to limit the number of referrals or change the rules at any time. But we hope not to have to.

We'd welcome any suggestions on how to make this effective and easy. (We could provide an on-line form. But guessing email is easy enough.

Thank you!

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