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Luca Minudel, Agile Coach and Trainer

Luca is an Agile Coach and Trainer, with hands-on experience in Extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean and Social Complexity. He has worked with large and legacy code-bases, complex products & domains, enterprise-level applications, and large organizations. He delivers training and coaching to top-tier organizations in Europe and United States.

Luca has worked in software development since 1989, using Agile practices since 2002. During 2006-2009, he contributed to advance the adoption of Agile engineering & organizational practices in the Ferrari Formula One (F1) Racing Team. The Ferrari F1 team is an inherently Agile business/domain, in a unique context characterized by high levels of pressure, uncertainty, interdependency, rapid unpredictable changes, and with technologies and competitors as fast-moving targets.

Luca is truly an international Agile coach. Originally from Italy, Luca worked 4 years in Stockholm as a hands-on Agile Coach. He coaches & trains throughout Europe and the US. Luca is currently based in London.

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