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Picture one to four excellent developers working hard on your project, delivering the most valuable features every week.  Picture getting automated tests of the feaures to prove progress and safequard future development.  Picture having a simple way to control the priorities and measure progress, with a minimum of bureaucracy.   Yes it takes extra skill to divide up complicated projects into smaller deliveries of business value,  but it also creates value faster for you and lowers your risk.

We’ve found that a small highly-skilled team is more likely to hit that sweet spot.  If you have a bigger problem/opportunity, we may be able to break it up into smaller problems/opportunities, for multiple teams to work on independently.  (Cell division)   But starting with the right small group is usually the key first step.


SourceCell is an association of agile developers.  We see each other at conferences, read each other's writings, and want to work together.  We have other day jobs.  But we think creating great software is so important (and fun) that we spend much of our evenings and weekends working on side projects, honing our skills, and expanding our knowledge.  SourceCell is a way for us to work together on a broader diversity of projects. That diversity helps you, helps us, and helps our day jobs.


If your project can handle significant amounts of remote work, your project can benefit from our developers’ hard-won knowledge and passion.  Certainly an on-site “tiger team” can be very productive.  But it costs you more, and we’re not really in position to offer that level of service at this time. As your opportunities grow, we’re hoping our ability to help you will also grow.


Tell us about your software project and we’ll give you a proposal for a low-risk first step.


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