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Expand your influence, impact, and opportunities via key Agile principles from tech to teams to leadership. Conversational coaching style plus fun exercises.

Live On-line courses. Coronavirus change

In response to the Coronavirus, for everyone's safety, we plan to hold scheduled classes live on-line via Zoom, until further notice, per special exemption by the

When What Where Investment Next Step
Tmeporary hold Family health emergency. Will offer courses in 2nd half of 2021. Coaching, consulting, and development is still available. email
2021 continued More courses TBD On-line for anywhere. Typically Western USA timezone TBD, email

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(1) We're happy to discuss your situation and options in Agile careers & entrepreneurship. If a training class still makes sense for you, we'll strive to help you handle the tuition through some combination of work exchange, discount, deferred payment. e.g. Work exchange: research an Agile topic or case studies.

Future Locations include: San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Oakland, etc), Sacramento, Los Angeles Area, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Santa Barbara, Aspen, Denver, Boulder, Honolulu, Portland, Seattle, Austin, Houston, Tucson, Phoenix, and beyond.