Scrum Circles™ - Group Coaching & Discussion

Group coaching & discussion of your Scrum questions, challenges, successes, opportunities, career, networking, and more. Roughly once a month. Can be on-line, public, and free, or more private for your team. The goal is to help you keep moving forward and evolving your influence and opportunities.

The focus may vary by different circle. We try to keep the circle to approx. 20 people, for more interaction opportunities. When one circle is full, we will consider starting another one.

Scrum Circles are hosted by Agile/Scrum Coaches Michael "Kelley" Harris, Michael del la Maza, or Elaine Bulloch.

Eligible for one (1) Scrum Education Unit (SEU) per hour

Current Scrum Circles

  • Scrum Circle for Newcomers to Scrum. Free Q&A about Scrum, Agile, training, coaching, certifications. On-line. 1/2 hour. Roughly monthly. Register via Calendar page. To learn in advance, see videos & links on our Scrum Resources page and on the Scrum Alliance site

  • Scrum Circle for SourceCell Alumni. Free group coaching on topics of your choice. On-line. One hour. Roughly monthly. Participants vary by month. Register via Calendar page.


"Our Agile community – which is global, really – is so very fortunate to have supportive practitioners like Kelley Harris and Michael de la Maza in our midst. SourceCell’s recent launch of the Scrum Circle allows Agile methodology practitioners to connect, share, and problem-solve in a low-key, virtual, and open-forum environment." -- Diane Dean-Epps, ScrumMaster | Western Electrical Contractors Association (WECA)

"The Circle is a great opportunity to be able to interact with a group of supporting Scrum Professionals. A very welcoming environment that encourages interaction for all levels of experience." -- Shawn Barker, Solutions Architect, Certified Scrum Product Owner @ DXC

Possible Future Scrum Circles

(Let us know if you're interested.)

Scrum Circle of Leaders; Scrum Circle of Aspiring Leaders; Scrum Circle of Aspiring Coaches; Scrum Circle of Government Challenges; Scrum Circle of Dev Team Practices; Scrum Circle of Evolving Excellence; Scrum Circle of Impediment Removal; Scrum Circle of Case Reviews


For Scrum Circle dates, see the SourceCell Calendar. We welcome any suggestion on best days of the week and times.

Topics of Your Choice

You can suggest topics in advance of the discussion. email with "topic" and your topic in the subject line, and the date of the Scrum Circle. e.g. Subject: Topic for Aug 13, 2018: Scaling Options

Past topics included picking the right person for the Product Owner role, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, difference between certs CSM/CSPO/CSD, how to align multiple Scrum masters on the evolving Scrum framework and emphasizing principles vs ceremonies.

Code of Conduct and Photo Release

To keep the discussions as pleasant and productive as possible, and shareable to those that don't make it, please agree to the same Code of Conduct and Photo Release that we use for in-person classes. If you cannot agree, no hard feelings, but please do not attend the discussions. Let us know how we can improve this policy.

Zoom Audio & Video Settings and Self Test

We're currently using Zoom for the video conferencing. You'll be prompted to install a Zoom client app, if not already on your device.

For info about Zoom settings and ways to test your system, see this reference from Zoom:
How Do I Join Or Test My Computer/Device Audio?

Private Scrum Circles for Your Teams

For private Scrum Circles and coaching for your teams, contact us and we'll help you keep evolving forward.

Suggestions Welcome

We welcome any and all suggestions for improvement.