Innovation coaching & consulting helps you get more results faster.

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Organizational Coaching, Advising, Consulting

We work collaboratively with leaders to identify goals, assess the current reality in your organization, explore the agile principles, practices, mindset, and implications for new structures, roles, and behaviors. We help you design and carry out a plan for measurable improvement, scaling, and coach you along the way.

Here are some ways to think about your organization's Evolving Agility

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Team Coaching, Advising, Mentoring

Whether your team is new to agile or very experienced, coaching speeds the journey from understanding to mastery. It extends training and makes it real. It saves people time & frustration. It helps align different views & assumptions. Coaching helps teams get good at solving their own problems. It helps teams take on more advanced practices sooner. It helps advanced teams keep improving.

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Individual Coaching, Mentoring, Advising

If you want to get more innovative, for your professional development, or just for fun, there's a lot of stuff to learn. How to pick and use a unit-test framework. How to test a variety of things. How to fake or mock collaborating objects. How to refactor, on a variety of levels. Design options. Design Patterns. Breaking requirements into smaller testable pieces. Organizational challenges. etc. etc. But there are also some gradual steps you can take, so you can make progress, and learn at the same time.

“Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” -- Bill Gates

“Coaching helps you stop the crazy mind chatter in your head that tells you all the time that you’re not good enough.” -- Oprah Winfrey

Why Everyone Needs a Life Coach article

An even better way forward utilizing all your stakeholders:

Coaching the Leader in You, with Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder-Centered Coaching

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Technical Coaching

We'll help you with the tricky technical stuff including automated testing, refactoring, dependency minimization, evolving architecture, DevOps' pre conditions, and lots more.

Such skills & techniques help you go faster with more quality and less risk & stress.

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Advanced Topics Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Advising

Go even faster with advanced topics including: Scaling to multiple teams & products; Culture of kindness & collaboration; Culture of Experiments, Trials, & Innovation; Radical Collaboration; Impediment identification & removal; From management to leadership; User-Story writing, splitting, & more; Product backlog refinement; Design thinking for better user discovery; Lean Startup; Design sprints; Intent-based mgmt; HR implications; DevOps considerations; metrics that matter; Getting to Done; Impactful retrospectives; Dependency mgmt; Dealing with Technical Debt; Story mapping; Value stream mapping; Non-Violent Communication (NVC); and much more

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Scaling to Multiple Teams & Products

There are multiple thoughts and frameworks related to scaling Scrum to coordinate many teams. There is a lot of attention on frameworks such as Scrum@Sale (Scrum@Scale Guide), Large Scale Scrum(LeSS), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), "Spotify Model", and others.

Before you pick a scaling framework or evolve your own, there are many considerations including do we really need to scale our current approach or should we restructure & "descale" first? What problem are we really trying to solve? How are we measuring improvement/progress? Are we doing team-scale Scrum well yet? Is leadership actively involved in improvements? Are we organized around product capabilities with dedicated cross-functional teams or still using matrixed functional teams? Are we prioritizing well?

We'd be happy to discuss your situation, scaling challenges, and possible solutions.


Alignment; Work & learn on your own product; Gel faster; Accelerate; Less risk; Happier Teams; Keep improving ...


To serve you best, we start with a professional-coaching mindset to better understand your situation, and help you find solutions that you're most likely to adopt & embrace. The goal is to empower you.

When useful, we supplement coaching with a mix of consulting, mentoring, advising, teaching, and facilitation. Our agile coaches can give you new insights & info, while growing your own self discovery. We reinforce the key agile principles so your teams know the why and how to adapt.


Intro or advanced; Fast or slow; A little or a lot; Recommendations via consulting or robust empowerment via coaching. Deep and subtle or quick common overview; On-site or remote support

The SourceCell Coaching Difference

We strive to help teams keep their focus on your organization's key objective, and not get lost in Agile details. SourceCell strives to be pragmatic & not dogmatic. We believe that the key superpowers of agile include fast cycles of delivering value and empirical learning, plus transparency and innovative collaboration.

SourceCell does not typically embed coaches with teams. Instead we offer you very Senior Agile Coaches in a more surgical cost-effective way. We typically visit for one to three days at a time, and then return later to coach the teams again. This gives the teams time to practice solving problems on their own, and build up successes and questions.

SourceCell also provides remote support to keep teams moving forward. Our coaching support can taper as your teams get more independent. Or we can help your teams take on more advanced skills of high-performance teams.


Testimonial: ELC Technologies

"Kelley is an incredible resource into Agile methodologies -- what works, why it works, and how to implement. We have engaged Kelley to prepare materials, give technical guidance, and facilitate adoption of key practices into our organization. We enjoy working with Kelley and would highly recommend him to others. " -- Jonathan Siegel, Founder and CEO, ELC Technologies

Testimonial: Angstrom Designs

"Kelley has been a huge help in allowing us to determine our software direction. He has advised at the highest level all the way down to the implementation details, when needed. Based on our needs, Kelley has been guiding us toward TDD and SOLID and these methods hold great promise for the future of our software. I've also checked in with a few other software managers I know and all wish they had this guidance and direction at the start of their company. Kelley is a trusted advisor and I highly recommend his services and his message." -- Casey Hare, Founder, Angstrom Designs

Testimonial: Accenture

The truth is Kelley is much more than a wonderful coach and mentor. He is truly empathetic to people and organizations, and is motivated by delivering value as a means to improve the world. We had some wonderful conversations that will forever impact me. I would highly recommend Kelley if you are looking for a leadership consultant, professional coach, mentor, or trainer, and/or business consultant." -- Richard Martin, Business and Management Consultant

Testimonial: Zenith

"The on-site time with Elaine was very good, and has resulted in great progress on our side, where we were already using many agile processes we have adopted and formalized even more. We started using user stories in our requirements, we formalized our sprint schedule and have gotten into a good rhythm, we are using story points and have regularly scheduled rather than sporadic backlog grooming and sprint planning sessions. We also have committed to doing a retrospective every sprint, and are getting ready to do a Scrum Self Assessment." - Tara Repka Flores, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology, Zenith Agribusiness Solutions

Testimonial: Working Harmony

"Kelley has helped uncover possibilities that have influenced the course of my business and life for the better. A masterful coach, consultant and idea generator, he has helped me apply the principles of Agile, Design Thinking and Lean Startup beyond my business into the way I think about life and myself - with a sense of creative experimentation, collaborative innovation, and empathy. I experience Kelley as a true Servant Leader and ambassador for the greater good of humanity and the environment. He is an asset to our community." -- Lorraine Aguilar, Chief Engagement Officer, Working Harmony

Testimonial: Splunk

"I really appreciate all your help. You have made a tremendous impact on the team that we need to continue for next year" - Sarah Betadam, Splunk, Business Program Director | Project Management / SDLC Practices | Client Relationship Management | Change Management

Testimonial: EmpowerHaus

"Kelley - I owe much of my rich life to YOU. Willingly or not, you have been my coach for 30 years. And my rich understanding now of who I am and where I should be headed has been governed by many observations by you, with an underlying refrain: 'You don’t have enough data points to know', or rephrased, 'Take action and find out . . . but TAKE ACTION.' THANKS for the sign posts!" -- Clive Munro, Coach in Life & Business, EmpowerHaus