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World class athletes and corporate high fliers accelerate performance through coaching.

A who’s who of global top leaders choose Stakeholder-Centered Coaching.

Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder-Centered Coaching is a transparent process that guarantees measurable leadership Growth. No growth No charge.

Allen Malally

Former President and CEO of Ford Motor Company and Boeing through major turnarounds.

"We were a very successful team who took our performance to the next level. With Marshall’s help we identified our two areas and went to work. We used everyone’s help and support, exceeded our improvement expectations and had fun! A team’s dedication to continuous improvement combined with Marshall’s proven process ROCKS!"

Aicha Evans

VP & General Manager, Intel, Fortune top-ten next generation of female leaders

"Marshall’s coaching invites leaders to focus relentlessly on their behavior. The leader’s behavior as well as the team’s behavior become the basis for great results and continuous improvement. This will be key to success for the connected, global, knowledge-driven companies of the future."

JP Garnier

CEO Glaxo SmithKline – one of the world’s 20 most valuable companies, one of the Best Practices Institute’s top 20 CEOs

"Marshall is a great coach and teacher. He has done a lot to help both me and our high-potential leaders. His approach is practical, useful, helpful and fun!

"It's not about the coach."

-- Marshall Goldsmith

It's about your relationship with your chosen stakeholders, and a simple way to support each other's growth. The coach is not an expert on you or your business. The coach is a humble facilitator to help you get rapid insights in a simple pragmatic way.

I'd be honored to help you grow in your chosen way. Michael Kelley Harris, 650-485-1203


Most executives need practical on-the-job learning rather than more intellectual leadership training. Marshall Goldsmith's acclaimed Stakeholder Centered Coaching process quickly identifies tipping point behaviors and leverages a clear process enabling leadership growth to become embedded in day-to-day interactions on the job.


Executives are busy people, time is their most valuable resource. Investing in coaching only makes sense if there is a guaranteed return on that investment. Stakeholder Centered Coaching GUARANTEES results. Our coaching fees are subject to measurable leadership growth.


95% of the 11,000 business leaders who have been through our coaching process measurably improved in their leadership effectiveness.


Challenges typically facing HR concerning executive coaching include a lack of visibility and no clear ROI.

Contrasting with traditional closed-door coaching approaches, the transparency and clear process behind Stakeholder Centered Coaching means HR business partners have total visibility into what their leaders are working on whether they are improving. Combining this with our ‘No Growth, No Pay’ guarantee, all ambiguity and risk is removed from the equation.


from clients of Michael Kelley Harris

Testimonial: Accenture

"The truth is Kelley is much more than a wonderful coach and mentor. He is truly empathetic to people and organizations, and is motivated by delivering value as a means to improve the world. We had some wonderful conversations that will forever impact me. I would highly recommend Kelley if you are looking for a leadership consultant, professional coach, mentor, or trainer, and/or business consultant." -- Richard Martin, Business and Management Consultant

Testimonial: Working Harmony

"Kelley has helped uncover possibilities that have influenced the course of my business and life for the better. A masterful coach, consultant and idea generator, he has helped me apply the principles of Agile, Design Thinking and Lean Startup beyond my business into the way I think about life and myself - with a sense of creative experimentation, collaborative innovation, and empathy. I experience Kelley as a true Servant Leader and ambassador for the greater good of humanity and the environment. He is an asset to our community." -- Lorraine Aguilar, Chief Engagement Officer and Founder, Working Harmony

Testimonial: EmpowerHaus

"Kelley - I owe much of my rich life to YOU. Willingly or not, you have been my coach for 30 years. And my rich understanding now of who I am and where I should be headed has been governed by many observations by you, with an underlying refrain: 'You don’t have enough data points to know', or rephrased, 'Take action and find out . . . but TAKE ACTION.' THANKS for the sign posts!" -- Clive Munro, Coach in Life & Business and Founder, EmpowerHaus

Testimonial: Splunk

"I really appreciate all your help. You have made a tremendous impact on the team that we need to continue for next year" - Sarah Betadam, Splunk, Business Program Director | Project Management / SDLC Practices | Client Relationship Management | Change Management

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What leadership behavior in you and your teams would like to take to the next level?

I'd be honored to help you and your teams grow in your chosen way. I'm a Certified Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder-Centered Coaching Leadership Coach. This simple coaching framework is simple and powerful. Results guaranteed. No growth. No charge.

Michael Kelley Harris