Amid change & uncertainty, world-class innovators sense & respond faster.

They use faster cycles of plan-do-learn. Their teams are more autonomous & cross-functional. They're faster at adaptation, value delivery, revenue realization, risk reduction, & more. We can help you achieve these benefits by using the best ideas from innovation frameworks like Agile, Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, with supporting leadership development and more.

Let's discuss options for you, based on your unique situation & goals.
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Innovation Training

LEARN: Learn the values, principles & practices shared by multiple innovation frameworks. And/or learn Scrum, the most-used Agile framework. (CSM & CSPO certifications offered.) Learn advanced topics for teams, scaling, org structure, tech practices, & more. Public Scrum Training Calendar

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Innovation Coaching

ASSESS APPLY ACCELEATE: We can help you assess which challenges in your organization can be improved by iterative innovation and increased agility. We can help your teams integrate innovation principles & practices into their own work, solve problems, & accelerate. Newer teams benefit from a mix of consulting & coaching. As teams mature, the balance shifts towards coaching them to solve bigger challenges and growing a culture of continual learning & imporovement.

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Innovation Leadership Development

SUPPORT: For leadership teams to best support more-autonomous innovative teams, a different balance of skills & behaviours is needed. You can adopt new behaviours faster when key stakeholders provide positive feedforward. We'll help you use this pragmatic approach to make lasting change, and grow your influence & impact.

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Software Development

Leverage your team's expertise with extra engineering help and Agile engineering practices. We develop software for nanotechnology instrumentation to space photovoltaics to sustainability-related innovations and more. Pragmatic, Agile, bias towards action & innovation. Offering extra Agile engineering practices to help your teams move faster.

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Customer Feedback

Training attendees are saying, "...joyful...", "... engaged, valuable, & actionable...", "...priceless...", "...wonderful experience...", " and deep caring...", ".. one of the best trainers I've encountered...", "...interactive & inclusive...", "...I got the job!..."

Coaching clients are saying, "A masterful coach, consultant and idea generator, he has helped me apply the principles of Agile, Design Thinking and Lean Startup ...", "Kelley is a master facilitator and coach...", "...wonderful coach and mentor..."

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SourceCell Approach

SourceCell helps you work in faster cycles of plan-do-learn. We help you understand the deeper why and core principles, so your improvements are deeper, broader, and long-term. We help you evolve your own specific processes. We use a balance of assessment, business & team consulting, training, and coaching.

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Michael Kelley Harris

Software Engineer, Trainer, & Coach

Here to help you create a culture of on-going innovation. Pragmatic vs dogmatic. Emphasis on principles and progress. 20+ years. Extra experience in Agile engineering practices (XP), Lean Startup, & Design Thinking. Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)

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"The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else." -- Eric Ries