Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) Prep & Post Training Details

Welcome to the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) class. To help everyone be successful & safe, this page includes info about pre-course preparation, certification after the class, and code of conduct. I look forward to meeting you all. :-)

My heart goes out to you all in this time of great uncertainty. We're going to hold the Scrum CSD Class live-online only via Zoom. Please have your video display on for maximum class engagement. Please review this page for how to prepare for the training and what to expect after.

I strive to make the class a positive experience. If you have additional questions or concerns, let me know. I'd be glad to discuss them with you. - Michael Kelley Harris kelley@sourcecell.com 650-485-1203

Prepare For Training

TODO Minimum

Confirm Zoom Setup. Confirm Google Docs access. Honor the Code of Conduct (for everyone's safety)

See email for Zoom link, Google Docs access, and calendar invite. Note the Google calendar invite can be confusing re using Google Meet vs Zoom. Our course will use the Zoom link.

Confirm access to Google Docs folder for class, by accessing student_roster sheet, checking your info, initializing code of conduct and adding other info. If you can't honor the code of conduct please let me know and I'll refund your course fee. I've never had a problem in a class in 20+ years. I want to keep it that way and for everyone to feel safe and supported.

Note you need to use the same gmail account associated with your registration or send me another email well in advance.

The Scrum Alliance CSD requires full attendance and participation. If you have some brief conflict, let's discuss it in advance for a possible workaround, or we can reschedule you for a future class.


WHAT TO BRING - A spirit of curiosity and collaboration. You need a computer, Zoom, Google Docs access, sound support (maybe mic & earbuds).

Roughly half the course is focused on general Scrum. It would help to have read the Scrum Guide. (a quick 13 pages, written by the creators of Scrum.)

Glance at the "Wall" workbook. We'll work on that as a class. There is also a Google Jamboard doc we can all use for sketches, etc. Try putting your first name on the first page. There is a Google Doc called YourStories. It's a place to put some info about yourself as a way to connect and help each other. You're invited to add a bit there in advance of the class, and after the first day of the class. Instructions are at the top of it.

It would be good to have those different pages/links set up in tabs in one browser window, for your convenience in use, and maybe sharing your screen.

Think about why your organization is interested in Scrum/Agile. What is the top benefit to they hope to get? (e.g. faster releases, quality, engagement, ...) What are the big challenges/impediments in the way of realizing that benefit?


If you code, I'd welcome hearing your preferred tech stack for any simple exercises and demos. Unlike the Advanced CSD (A-CSD) class, the CSD class does not require coding, since some Scrum developers don't code. But I like to at least show some demos and give people the chance to code if they want to. Left to my own, I tend to work in C/C++, Python, and/or Javascript. The course concepts are pretty general and don't depend on language specifics. Non-coders follow along just fine.

Agile/Scrum References with videos and articles

Logistics, Timing

Most classes go from 8:30 am to 4:30pm Pacific. See welcome email for speficis. We'll decide as a class as to when to have breaks and lunch. A typical pattern has been 50 min on, 10 min off, and 30-60 lunch. But I'll let the whole class decide.

I typical offer one hour of group coaching on the evening of the first day. (e.g. 4:30pm-5:30pm) We can discuss unique situations in your organization or career questions, etc.

Post Training

AFTER THE COURSE CERTIFICATION - Just after the second day of the course, I'll send your name and email address to the Scrum Alliance, and pay some fees so you can be a member of the Scrum Alliance for two years. Within a day (if not an hour), they will send you a welcome email and a link to fill out your profile as a member with a CSD.

Your profile page will have a button to download a pdf of your CSD certification. If you want to use a different name and email address for the Scrum Alliance registration and profile, let me know before the end of the class. (Emailing me is best, or change your name/address on the sign-up sheet I'll hand out) You can also change it later directly on your Scrum Alliance profile.

Follow-Up - After the class, I welcome questions, suggestions, stories, testimonials, :-) I'll be cheering you on.


More Training Courses. eg. A-CSD, CSP-D, custom | Calendar of Public Courses Private courses available.

Coaching and Engineering available to help your teams integrate the practices into your codebase and organization.

Agile/Scrum References with videos and articles

Zoom Setup

See email for for Zoom link. Please use a computer, and not a cell phone, so you can complete the online exercises as a full team member. If you don't already have Zoom on your computer, download and set up Zoom on your computer. (https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting) Please test and work out the sound & video issues well in advance of the class. (Test Meeting: https://zoom.us/test To test audio, click on up arrow next to the mic graphic and choose test mic and speakers.) We've had the best luck when people use computer audio and not the phone.