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Whether you're in the boardroom or the server room, your current knowledge & insight are keys that open doors and give you credibility. If you're involved in competitive product development, you're seeing the need for new skills, at all levels of the organization. New products, projects, and jobs ask for new skills from "Agile", "Scrum", "Lean", "Kanban", "Lean Startup", and more. These bring new vocabularies, new roles, new responsibilities, new practices, new ways of interacting, new cultures, new engineering practices, and more. They sound easy at first. But companies often get started and stall, without help. It turns out the topics are surprisingly deep, subtle, and difficult to do well, not unlike most skills. (e.g. sports, music, ...)

To help you get there faster, we offer public & private training in these new skills. We offer Scrum certification courses that both help you learn and provide extra credibility. We offer follow-on coaching to help you through the application of these new skills, extra training for more advanced topics, refinement and tuning. This can be as concentrated or as sparse as you like. It can be on site or occasional questions via phone, email, or video conference.

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I'd be happy to discuss to your situation. -- Kelley Harris, 650-485-1203