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While your team's current knowledge and skills have worked to date, competitive product development takes continual acquisition of new skills from "Agile", "Scrum", "Lean", "Kanban", "Lean Startup", and more. These bring new vocabularies, new roles, new responsibilities, new practices, new ways of interacting, new cultures, engineering practices, and more.

They sound easy at first. But teams often get started and stall, without help. It turns out the topics are surprisingly deep, subtle, and difficult do well, not unlike most skills. (e.g. sports, music, ...) This tricky stuff is emotional for many people. While some embrace it quickly, some feel threatened and fight it. There is a common pattern for successful new Agile teams of "forming, storming, norming, and performing". Most teams benefit from help to minimize the "storming", and get on to the performing.

To help your team get there faster, we offer assessment, advising, public & private training in these new skills. We offer follow-on coaching to help your team through the application of these new skills, extra training for more advanced topics, refinement and tuning.

We also offer software development help. This often includes helping with particularly difficult challenges in dev and test, getting a critical mass of automated tests in place on the unit, component, and system level, etc. Or just seeding the team with experienced Agile developers, to help others by osmosis.

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