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Darcy Kruse, Lean & Agile Trainer & Coach, CSM, CSPO, SPC, SPC4

Darcy Kruse has started up over 100 scrum teams at Intel Corporation and in local government agencies by teaching Intro to Scrum classes and workshops, coaching teams through their first few Sprints, and guiding them through their initial Scrum difficulties. Additionally, Darcy has experience launching Intel's first eight SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) agile release trains, and subsequently scaled the organization up to nearly 30 agile release trains. She has educated over 1000 people across multiple organizations on Lean, A3 Problem Solving, Scrum, Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Mentoring Problem Solving, and role-targeted training for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team Members, and Managers of Scrum Teams.

In addition to being an Agile Coach, she has also had skin in the game as a Scrum Master, Release Train Engineer, and Scrum Development Team Member. This allows her to share real world experiences from multiple Scrum roles' point of view in implementing, continuously improving, and sustaining multiple Scrum implementations. Darcy holds a M.S. in Physics.

Her favorite work is with individual, intact scrum teams or small organizations: from initial training and Scrum team formation to coaching teams through Scrum difficulties, Darcy enjoys meeting teams where they are and helping them to work together effectively for both business results and personal team-building benefits.

Sampling of Testimonials

"Excellent introduction to Scrum. Lively & engaging instructors. Very knowledgable. Having Darcy was a plus. She brought real world examples in each topic. Excellent instructors." -- Mark, CSM, Sacramento, CA

"An in-depth review of Scrum but not overwhelming. Great additional real-world examples from Darcy." -- Dan, CSM, Sacramento, CA

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