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Is your team seeking Agile minded Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, or Agile Managers? Agile practitioners enrich and grow organizations by creating meaningful connections that drive change and growth. Our team at SourceCell spends time getting to know the learners we've have trained & coached. We are proud to actively provide referrals to SourceCell alumni that may fit your Agile needs Email us today at with a description of your Agile needs and we will connect you with people that may be a great addition to your team.

As trainers and coaches, we can also help you interview and assess the Agile knowledge of candidates that you find, thereby saving you time, and saving you from costly mistakes...


People Looking For Teams

Agile learning and practice is a journey that we are excited to take with you. If you are a SourceCell alumni looking to take the next step in your journey by looking for a new role and organization we would be happy to assist. We are contacted regularly by organizations looking for AgileĀ­minded people who want to drive change in positive ways and make a difference for customers and stakeholders also. Our team will review your background and put you in touch with opportunities that we think are a great match for your unique talents. Send your an email describing what you're looking for, salary range, and resume to, along with any preferences or requirements today to get started on the next step of your Agile journey.


We'll help you screen & vet people for their Agile knowledge and mindset. We'll save you time and lessen your risk. Our senior Agile coaches & trainers have seen thousands of Agile people at all levels of knowledge and perspective. We'll help you pick the best fit for your team.

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Kelley Harris

Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)